Book this vacation houseboat and enjoy one of the best holiday rentals in Amsterdam. Minimum stay is 2 nights, but during low season I also accept bookings for 1 night.


The rates are based on 2 guests per night. The rate starts at €125,- depending on the season. It includes all fees and 5 % touristtax. Every extra guest after the 2nd guest, pays an additional fee of €50,- per night.

How to make your reservation?

Click on your desired check-in date on the calendar below and complete your reservation request. You will receive a quote within a few hours.


A deposit is not required. If we come to an agreement about the booking you will receive a confirmation email. That is like the handshake what seals the deal.

Payment possibilities

Upon arrival in cash or by PayPal in the same month as when you will stay on board.
PayPal address is:


If you need to cancel your booking, please let me know as early as possible. Of course I hope it is not because of a bad situation. I do need to ask though for administration costs of €35,-. No refund is given in case of shortening your stay after arrival.

Official Company

Houseboat Tante Piet is an official business. I am VAT registered and pay 6% tax and 5% tourist tax. All the rates include these two taxes.